Kasoa Township

Kasoa, formerly Odupongkpehe, resides in the Awutu Senya East Municipal District of Ghana's Central Region.

Political Landscape

Kasoa's governance structure blends traditional chieftaincy with modern administrative institutions. Paramount Chief Nai Odupong Awushie Tetteh II heads the traditional Akan chieftaincy, supported by a hierarchy of chiefs overseeing various divisions. Land ownership customs are unique, with chiefs retaining control over land allocation, impacting the transition from agricultural to residential/commercial land use.

Economic Activities

Agriculture remains a cornerstone of Kasoa's economy, supplemented by agro-processing and market trade. Cassava-based products, like 'agbelima' and 'gari', are popular commodities. The local market, a bustling hub, faced infrastructural challenges until recent upgrades. Transportation hurdles persist, affecting market accessibility and business operations.

Challenges and Initiatives

Traffic congestion, inadequate market space, and housing demands pose significant challenges. Moreover, financial literacy among small business owners is low, necessitating capacity-building initiatives. NGOs like the Ghana Rural Action Support Program (GRASP) provide microfinance loans, aiming to empower women entrepreneurs. However, addressing loan insufficiency and enhancing productivity are ongoing concerns.

Protest over bad name

Residents of Kasoa in the Central Region are voicing their apprehensions regarding the pervasive association of their community with various criminal activities. This association persists even when such incidents occur in neighboring or distant areas.

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