Madam Efua Frimpomaa

Madam Efua Frimpomaa is a Ghanaian farmer and the first woman to claim the National Farmers Award.

Agona District Best Farmer

In 1990, Madam Efua Frimpomaa started her remarkable journey by earning the title of Agona District Best Farmer. With relentless passion, she cultivated the land, laying the foundation for her future success.

Central Regional Best Plantain Farmer

By 1996, her dedication bore fruit as she was acclaimed as the Central Regional Best Plantain Farmer, showcasing her expertise in nurturing the nation's sustenance.

Central Regional Overall Best Farmer

The pinnacle of recognition came in 1997 when she clinched the Central Regional Overall Best Farmer title, solidifying her status as a leader in Ghana's agricultural sector.

National Best Farmer

In 2004, Madam Efua Frimpomaa's contributions reverberated across the nation as she was crowned the National Best Farmer, earning admiration and respect nationwide.