Eric Opoku

This is the timeline of the member of parliament for Asunafo South Constituency

Agriculturist and Educator

Before entering the world of politics, Eric Opoku was deeply involved in agriculture, making him well-acquainted with the needs of rural communities. He worked as a teacher with the Ghana Education Service at the SDA Primary School in Sankore from 1997 to 2000. His commitment to education and community development is further evident in his tenure as the Society Development Secretary at Kuapa Kookoo Ltd from 1998 to 2001.


He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2004. 

Political Career

Eric Opoku's political journey took shape when he was first elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) during the Third Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana (2004), representing the Asunafo South Constituency. Although he lost his seat in the subsequent election, he made a triumphant return to Parliament on January 7, 2013, following his victory in the 2012 elections.

2016 election 

Notably, Eric Opoku secured re-election in the 2016 elections, obtaining 52.97% of the valid votes cast. His dedication to the people of Asunafo South and his commitment to rural development earned him recognition as the best MP for communal and rural development for 2017 from the Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce, and Administration (BORGCA).

2020 election

In the 2020 election, Hon Eric OpokunDC secured 51.27% with 22,322 votes, while Amoa-Mensah Kwabena Agyei of the NPP received 20,927 votes, equivalent to 48.07%. Additionally, Addai Francis of GUM got 232 votes (0.53%), Sarfo Sadick of NDP obtained 27 votes (0.06%), and ASAMOAH AGYEMANG of PNC secured 26 votes (0.06%).