Emanuel Awuley Quaye

Emanuel Awuley Quaye, also known as Awulley Senior Quaye, was a distinguished Ghanaian footballer who represented his nation internationally. His notable tenure included captaining the Ghanaian team to victory in the 1978 African Cup of Nations. At the club level, he showcased his defensive prowess while playing for Accra Great Olympics.

Joining Accra Great Olympics

During the mid-sixties, Awuley Quaye embarked on his football journey by joining the Accra Great Olympics alongside notable peers such as Peter Lamptey, Victor Adjah Tetteh, Korley Dickson, Awudu Nelson, and Joseph Ayirebi. From the outset, Quaye demonstrated his prowess on the field, quickly making his mark in the football fraternity. Initially starting with the reserve side, known as Dade, Quaye and his companions steadily carved their path to the regular team, earning admiration from supporters along the way.

Promotion to the Regular Side

In 1974, Quaye's exceptional talent was duly recognized with a full promotion to the regular side of Accra Great Olympics. Initially tasked with filling the void left by veteran Afful Bannerman at left full-back, Quaye showcased his versatility and tactical acumen. His leadership qualities soon caught the attention of the team's management, leading to his appointment as captain following the departure of Edward Boye, affectionately nicknamed the "Rock of Gibraltar."


National Recognition and Triumphs


Under Quaye's captaincy, Accra Great Olympics achieved a historic feat by clinching the National League Title in 1974, a momentous achievement in the club's history. His stellar performance on the field earned him a coveted spot in the national team, the Black Stars, where he represented Ghana with distinction. Quaye's leadership proved instrumental as he guided the Black Stars to victory in the 1978 African Cup of Nations, securing the original AFCON Cup for the nation.

Continued Influence and Transition

Despite a brief hiatus from the captaincy during the Accra Super Standfast saga in 1980, Quaye's influence remained palpable within the team. He was reinstated as captain in 1981 before being elevated to the esteemed role of general captain. However, as younger defenders emerged in the early '80s, Quaye gracefully transitioned from the limelight of the pitch, paving the way for a new generation of players.

Legacy and Contributions Post-Retirement

Even after hanging up his boots, Awuley Quaye's association with the Accra Great Olympics endured. In the 1990/91 season, he returned to the club, this time as assistant manager under John Plange, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the team's success. Though he eventually stepped down from his role, Quaye's dedication and support for the club never waned, earning him a special place in the hearts of the loyal supporters.


He died on March 25, 2024.