William Ofori Atta

William Ofori Atta, known as "Paa Willie," was a key UGCC member, one of Ghana's "Big Six" leaders detained by the British, and later served as Ghana's Foreign Affairs Minister in 1971-1972.


William Ofori Atta was a founding member of the United Gold Coast Convention, served as a parliamentarian and government minister, opposed Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and played a prominent role in Ghanaian politics, including running for president and becoming Chairman of the Council of State during the Third Republic.


Founder of Korle-Bu Community Chapel

William Ofori Atta was a devout Christian, co-founded the Korle-Bu Community Chapel, delivered the J.B. Danquah Memorial Lectures in 1985 on the topic of "Ghana, A Nation in Crisis," and received a state burial upon his death in 1988.