Akua Donkor,

Akua Donkor is the founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) and a Ghanaian politician.



Madam Donkor, an aspiring Ghanaian president, served as an assemblywoman in Herman and sought the presidency in the 2012 elections as an independent candidate, though she was disqualified and disagreed with the decision. Her party, the Ghana Freedom Party, had its headquarters in Kabu, Eastern Region, which was destroyed by fire in 2016. Undeterred, she views starting a political party as a path to the presidency and is now opening regional offices in all ten regions of Ghana.

Campaign promise

As president, Madam Donkor pledged free education through the secondary level, increased import taxes to promote trade, and the creation of a free zone at the Tema port to attract businesses, utilizing Ghana's resources like Gold, cocoa, shea butter, and salt. She opposes buying finished oil products, inspired by Muammar Gaddafi, who believed Ghana could compete with Libya in oil production. She encourages electing a woman as president for transformative development.


On October 10, 2016, the Ghana Electoral Commission disqualified Akua Donkor and 12 other presidential candidates for the December 7, 2016 election due to errors in her nomination form. She encouraged her party members not to lose hope and pledged to contest in the 2020 presidential race.